• WarAndDevelopment

    War and the Development of the Human Being: A Complex Relationship

    Paradox of Progress The role of war in the development of human societies is an enigmatic part in our past. Though conflict typically results in human suffering and great losses, it has paradoxically also spurred growth in so many areas of civilization, from technology to social organization. This post examines the interplay of war and human development and how it…

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  • TheWorld

    Rethinking Our Place: A Reflection on Human-Centric Worldviews

    In a time of differing perspectives and information abundance, the claim that “this world was made for the human being” is a provocative one. It’s a concept that deserves more than its potential to incite, but to reveal the layers of human thought and belief that it encompasses. This idea, although at first glance outdated or arrogant, opens the door…

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  • NoWar

    A Vision of Peace: Imagining a World Without War

    Imagine a World Without War In a parallel universe without war, human history is woven of peace, collaboration and respect. This world untouched by the scars of conflict tells a story quite different from our own. We show how such a world might look today, considering society, technology and the environment. Global Unity and Political Landscape A world without war…

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  • BeforeBigBang

    The Enigma of Time’s Beginning: What Lies Beyond the Starting Point?

    Time as a linear progression with a start and end point is something that has long captivated and puzzled humans. The possibility that time has a beginning point raises profound questions about reality and our place in it. But what happens before this starting point? This question questions even the basis of our knowledge of time and existence. Big Bang…

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  • SimulatedWorld

    Does This World Really Exist? A Deep Dive into Reality

    The presence of reality has long puzzled philosophers, researchers and thinkers. “Does this world exist?” isn’t a matter of the surroundings but of reality itself. This blog post explores this question from various perspectives and theories that challenge and consider our understanding of existence. A Philosophical Perspective The question of reality has been considered philosophically by many thinkers from different…

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  • simulationHypothesis

    The Simulation Hypothesis: Unveiling Our Reality

    In a revelation that may forever alter our conception of existence, increasingly numerous theoretical physicists, technologists and philosophers suggest our universe is nothing but a simulation, managed by a civilization far superior to our very own. This particular hypothesis, apparently straight from science fiction, proposes that all we come across as real – the environment, the stars in the sky…

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