• Stone lotus

    Stone lotus – How to grow succulents and propagation techniques of succulents

    Succulents also known as stone lotus, has more than 60 different types, they have a small and beautiful appearance, suitable for many spaces. Growing succulents is also quite simple Stone lotus, also known as stone flower, interstellar, … originated from Mexico to northwestern South America. When planted as an ornamental, succulents can be combined with many different materials to beautify…

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  • lotus

    How to plant and care for white lotus to have the most beautiful flowers

    The white lotus is idyllic, rustic but very meaningful, blooming in the summer and bringing irresistible beauty to the home space. The white lotus plant is similar to the pink lotus but has a more pure character. The white lotus petals rising up in the mud make us unable to stop looking. Characteristics The white lotus is native to India.…

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  • orchid

    Techniques for planting and caring for orchids

    Orchids are extremely beautiful flowers with countless colors and shapes. Orchids are precious flowers with extremely high value, a flower can cost up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But to grow and take care of orchids is not a simple matter, which may also be the reason why this flower is so expensive. Today AnCu Life will…

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  • plant rose

    The best way to plant and care for roses

    Roses are perennial shrubs that can be grown all year round, but spring and autumn are best suited. Besides, this is also a symbol of love, the eternity of soul beauty, so it is favored by many people. However, to grow a beautiful flower pot is not an easy thing. If you have good planting and care techniques for roses,…

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