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  • ScienceModernMilitaryPower

    The Balance of Military Power: Western and Eastern Dynamics in the Modern Era

    The modern day era of the 1800s to the present day has witnessed significant changes in military capability and technology. From the age of industrialisation to the information age, Western and Eastern powers alternately advanced and changed in a complex web of military strategy, technology, and global politics. We review military power of the West and East from the 19th…

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  • CultureNoWar

    A Vision of Peace: Imagining a World Without War

    Imagine a World Without War In a parallel universe without war, human history is woven of peace, collaboration and respect. This world untouched by the scars of conflict tells a story quite different from our own. We show how such a world might look today, considering society, technology and the environment. Global Unity and Political Landscape A world without war…

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