• AstrologyAndAstronomy

    Unraveling the Stars: Horoscopes, Astronomy, and the Simulation Hypothesis

    We look towards the stars when attempting to comprehend the universe and our place within it. From the ancient astrologers of Babylon to the modern horoscope enthusiasts and astronomers, our interest in the cosmos connects cultures and continents. Interestingly, this fascination unites two very different approaches: Astrology and astronomy from an Eastern or Western perspective. Moreover, some pose an even…

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  • ModernMilitaryPower

    The Balance of Military Power: Western and Eastern Dynamics in the Modern Era

    The modern day era of the 1800s to the present day has witnessed significant changes in military capability and technology. From the age of industrialisation to the information age, Western and Eastern powers alternately advanced and changed in a complex web of military strategy, technology, and global politics. We review military power of the West and East from the 19th…

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  • Early Modern Period

    Military Power Comparison: East vs. West in the Early Modern Period

    The Early Modern Period between 1500 AD and 1800 AD saw dramatic shifts in military strategy, technology and global influence. This epoch, marked by the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and the beginning of colonialism, provides an interesting backdrop to study military contrasts and contests between Eastern and Western powers. How these civilizations compared with each other during this period?…

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  • MedievalEra

    Military Power in the Medieval Era: A Comparative View Between the West and East

    Medieval Era (500 AD – 1500 AD) marks major changes in military strategies, political structures and technologies in both Western and Eastern societies. The military dynamics of the era had been defined by the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Byzantine Empire, Islam and also the rise of great Asian empires. This post examines the military powers…

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  • Ancient Era

    Comparing Western and Eastern Military Power in the Ancient Era (up to 500 AD)

    The ancient world featured great empires and military conquests. Considering military power in this era requires considering the strategies, technologies and resources of both Western and Eastern civilizations. These differences shaped history and are still evident in military doctrine today. Western Military Power: The Romans and Greeks In the West most powerful military forces had been those of the Greek…

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  • balut

    The Nutritional Powerhouse: Unveiling the Benefits of Balut

    Balut, a traditional Filipino dish which evokes several responses from the curious to the squeamish, is a lot more than a culinary curiosity. It is a boiled egg containing a partially developed duck embryo (eaten from the shell). For many, that first impression may be of disbelief or hesitation. But once you get past its unconventional appearance, balut is a…

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  • Religion

    Is Religion Necessary for Human Development?

    Historically, religion has shaped cultures, laws, and ethical conduct. The issue of whether religion is necessary for human development nonetheless needs an intricate examination of its effects on individual and social advancement. We will examine different perspectives on religion and human development here. Religion as a Catalyst for Moral and Ethical Development The need for religion in human development is…

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  • TheWorld

    Rethinking Our Place: A Reflection on Human-Centric Worldviews

    In a time of differing perspectives and information abundance, the claim that “this world was made for the human being” is a provocative one. It’s a concept that deserves more than its potential to incite, but to reveal the layers of human thought and belief that it encompasses. This idea, although at first glance outdated or arrogant, opens the door…

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  • NoWar

    A Vision of Peace: Imagining a World Without War

    Imagine a World Without War In a parallel universe without war, human history is woven of peace, collaboration and respect. This world untouched by the scars of conflict tells a story quite different from our own. We show how such a world might look today, considering society, technology and the environment. Global Unity and Political Landscape A world without war…

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  • Money

    Exploring the Existence of Money: A Necessial Evil or an Instrument for Progress?

    In the tapestry of human civilization, money stands out as a complex and often controversial tool. Its existence is as old as history itself, serving as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, and a store of wealth. However, the question of whether money should exist sparks a myriad of perspectives, weaving through economic, social, and ethical dimensions. This…

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