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  • ScienceModernMilitaryPower

    The Balance of Military Power: Western and Eastern Dynamics in the Modern Era

    The modern day era of the 1800s to the present day has witnessed significant changes in military capability and technology. From the age of industrialisation to the information age, Western and Eastern powers alternately advanced and changed in a complex web of military strategy, technology, and global politics. We review military power of the West and East from the 19th…

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  • ScienceEarly Modern Period

    Military Power Comparison: East vs. West in the Early Modern Period

    The Early Modern Period between 1500 AD and 1800 AD saw dramatic shifts in military strategy, technology and global influence. This epoch, marked by the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and the beginning of colonialism, provides an interesting backdrop to study military contrasts and contests between Eastern and Western powers. How these civilizations compared with each other during this period?…

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  • ScienceAncient Era

    Comparing Western and Eastern Military Power in the Ancient Era (up to 500 AD)

    The ancient world featured great empires and military conquests. Considering military power in this era requires considering the strategies, technologies and resources of both Western and Eastern civilizations. These differences shaped history and are still evident in military doctrine today. Western Military Power: The Romans and Greeks In the West most powerful military forces had been those of the Greek…

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