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  • ScienceTheWorld

    Rethinking Our Place: A Reflection on Human-Centric Worldviews

    In a time of differing perspectives and information abundance, the claim that “this world was made for the human being” is a provocative one. It’s a concept that deserves more than its potential to incite, but to reveal the layers of human thought and belief that it encompasses. This idea, although at first glance outdated or arrogant, opens the door…

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  • CultureNoWar

    A Vision of Peace: Imagining a World Without War

    Imagine a World Without War In a parallel universe without war, human history is woven of peace, collaboration and respect. This world untouched by the scars of conflict tells a story quite different from our own. We show how such a world might look today, considering society, technology and the environment. Global Unity and Political Landscape A world without war…

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