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Wormwood – A vegetable with precious medicinal properties

In today’s article, another medicinal plant will be informed by AnCu Life to readers. Wormwood is both a vegetable and a medicinal plant commonly found in the gardens of many families in Vietnam, with simple, effective use and low cost. However, not everyone understands the effects of this plant. What are the benefits of eating wormwood, is it good to eat wormwood?

1. Characteristics of Wormwood

Wormwood is a plant quite familiar to the Vietnamese people, Chinese people, it appears in many remedies as well as daily dishes.

Wormwood tree has a height of 0.4 – 1m, leaves with essential oil, the tree is distributed mainly in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Alaska and North America. However, not all areas use wormwood. Research shows that in some areas, wormwood is an invasive plant that needs to be eradicated.

Wormwood is also grown in many families’ gardens, often used topically in cooking or treating some simple ailments.

Wormwood belongs to the daisy family, herbaceous, perennial life cycle, alternate leaves, dark green upper surface, white villi on the lower surface.

Wormwood is usually harvested around June and the part used is mainly the leaves. Wormwood can be grown by cuttings or seedlings, although the plant bears fruit and seeds, but the seeds are not used. to plant.


2. What are the benefits of eating wormwood?

Eating wormwood is good or not or eating wormwood has any effect that is often interested by many people because this plant is easy to encounter in daily life while not everyone knows about its uses.

Wormwood has an essential oil content of 0.20 – 0.34% with the main components being monoterpenes, dehydromatricaria esters, tetradecatrilin, tricosanol, arachololcol and sesquiterpene…


Wormwood has many effects such as sedative, biliary tract, can be antibacterial, hemostatic… According to folk experience, eating wormwood is effective in treating irregular menstruation, blood in the urine and urine. , against flatulence, abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation…

There are many different ways to use wormwood, depending on the purpose of the user, wormwood can be dried for long-term use or eaten directly fresh.

Although eating wormwood has many good effects on the body, people should not abuse it, eating too much or too often can cause some bad side effects to the body. . Eating a lot of wormwood can cause poisoning leading to tremors or convulsions leading to brain cell damage.

People should only eat wormwood 1-2 times in a week, if sick, use dried wormwood to drink, should only drink 3-5g dry and drink in batches, when cured, stop drinking, should not drink. long-lasting.

3. Some remedies and dishes from wormwood

There are many different remedies that use wormwood to treat a number of diseases, the following are remedies for common ailments in life:

– Treatment of warts, warts: Crushed wormwood and then applied to the wart or wart every day, done continuously for 3-10 days will be effective;


– Acne treatment: Crush wormwood and apply it on the face at the acne site, wait 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Persist in doing until the acne is gone;

– Treatment of rashes, scabies, heat rash: After crushing, squeeze the water and mix it with bath water every day. After doing it continuously for a few days, you will see the effect;

– Treatment of sprains: Crushed fresh wormwood leaves or dried wormwood leaves soaked in alcohol and then bundled into the sprain, done once a day, if the sprain has pain and swelling, it can be bundled twice. during the day. It is possible to replace alcohol with vinegar, the effect is similar;

Skin care: Wormwood is washed and bare, then chopped and boiled with 500ml of water for about 20 minutes. Then filter the residue, let it cool and use as rose water;


– Treat colds and flu: Use wormwood, eucalyptus leaves, grapefruit peel with 2 liters of water and then use it to steam for 15 minutes. Do it continuously for 2-3 days, the disease will be relieved.

Here are a few common dishes using wormwood in life:

– Evil chicken stew with wormwood: Ingredients include 1 evil chicken about 350g, 10g dong quai, 20g goji berries, 2 pears, 250g wormwood stewed in half a liter of water. When the water dries up to 1/2, divide it into 5 servings throughout the day. Eating within 1-2 weeks has the effect of treating body weakness, poor appetite.


– Wormwood fried eggs: This is a simple, easy-to-make dish that has many effects if eaten for a long time (should only be eaten 1-2 times a week) such as removing blood stasis, circulating blood, and beneficial for the body. metabolism, helping to eliminate cold in the uterus.

– Wormwood with wormwood: Helps to change the taste, stimulates eating better because wormwood leaves contain adenin and choline, two components that make up B vitamins that have a positive effect in the metabolism of substances.

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