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Who shouldn’t eat beef?

Beef is rich in protein, difficult to digest, so people with kidney stones, gout, people with poor digestive system should limit their intake.

Beef belongs to the red meat group, the iron content is higher than chicken and fish. In 100 g of beef contains 182 kcal; 21.5 g of protein; 107 g of fat; 12 mcg vitamin A, 4.5 mg vitamin PP, 3.1 mg iron, 12 mg calcium, 28 mg magnesium…

Beef is sweet, warm, has the effect of tonic spleen, gas, blood, good for tendons and bones.

“In traditional medicine, beef is used as a medicinal herb combined with spices into dishes such as slow-cooked beef with pepper, sa core, cephalopod, cinnamon bark, fresh ginger to nourish the spleen and stomach. likes to digest,” shared the doctor.

Beef cooked with cardamom cures stomach pain caused by cold. Stewed beef with often painted to cure stagnation (heavy stomach), abdominal distension. Boiled beef stomach with astragalus cures poor digestion and bloating. Stewed oxtail with dong quai cures back pain, impotence due to kidney failure. Beef liver cooked with eucalyptus (goji berries) cures headaches, dizziness due to poor liver and blood. Steamed beef penis with water bath and ginger cure impotence.

Folk experience says that postpartum women eat beef to quickly recover the uterus dilated during childbirth.

According to doctors, beef has many nutritional values, but some groups of people need to be careful when eating it, or should not eat it.

Children and people with poor digestion

Beef is a hard-to-digest food, it takes a long time for the stomach to digest. For people with poor digestion, beef is not the right choice, if eaten with stew.

“The elderly and children with weak digestive systems should use stews, moderate amounts, should not eat much in the evening,” the doctor advised.

Kidney stone patient

According to doctors, people with kidney stones should not eat beef, because high in protein causes the amount of oxalate in the urine to increase, forming stones.

Gout patient

Beef is rich in protein, which will increase uric acid for people to eat. Therefore, people with gout should limit eating beef.

People with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes

Beef contains a certain amount of saturated fat, so people with hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes should eat the right amount. Do not eat meat with a lot of fat. Do not eat in the evening because of little exercise, slow digestion, causing bloating and indigestion.

“Depending on each person’s diet, there is an appropriate amount to eat, but do not eat more than 500g of cooked red meat per week,” the doctor recommends.

When processing, it is necessary to cook meat thoroughly to prevent parasites or flukes from entering the body. Do not eat rare beef. Do not cook beef at high temperature because it will produce heterocyclic amines which are carcinogens. Do not eat industrially processed beef such as sausages, cold cuts, bacon… as it will increase the risk. have colon cancer.

In addition, doctors note that caution should be exercised when using bovine organs due to high cholesterol and the risk of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections such as helminths and toxins. Eating cow brain of unknown origin, nervous system tissue can transmit bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease).

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