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Where is the value of each person in life?

Where is the value of each person in life? Certainly not the appearance shown with clothes, hats, shoes… Because no matter how gorgeous, classy and luxurious the appearance is, it can’t your true inner self.

1. Everyone has the right to aspire to a full life

There are very few people who are born “at the finish line”, already “winners”. Therefore, many of us have also dreamed of being rich, beautiful and gorgeous like the role model that we idolize. Above all, we always wish we would go from “Cinderella” to “princess”, from a “shepherd boy” to a “prince” who has everything.

When we get what we want, surely the feeling at that time will be satisfaction and joy. However, with a flashy, beautiful and splendid appearance, it only attracts curious and jealous eyes. After that, people will gradually forget how beautiful you used to be, how rich you used to be. Then, you will still be lonely, lost, live in self-doubt and crave attention again.

Taking care of the outside, beautifying yourself is not bad, in fact it is also a very necessary job. However, you should never misunderstand your outer beauty and your true inner worth. It is not possible to take the outside form as a measure to evaluate the value of each person in life.

2. What is the value of each person in life?

The true value of each person in life does not lie in how many wardrobes you own, how many pairs of shoes and handbags you have, how big and beautiful your house is, how good your car is… talking about the value of money in life, you have better economic conditions than others.

In short, the external luxuries only help you satisfy the living needs of life, but it can’t tell people who you are, how valuable you are in life.

value of each person

The value of each person lies in the degree?

There are many people who believe that the true value of a person lies in the degrees and certificates that he or she receives. However, in fact, this is still not the value of a person in life. A degree only proves how you have studied and cultivated in school. Even a degree does not show the experience and results of the work you undertake.

On the contrary, those who do not go to school, do not have any qualifications, sometimes succeed in many fields, making others respect. Therefore, a degree does not really say a person’s worth.

Power creates value for people?

There are many people who believe that the value of each person in life lies in their position and power. If at first glance, one can see that the powerful will have a voice, be “welcome”, be treated kindly and no one dares to offend.

However, power is something very frivolous, because today you hold all power in your hands. But it is not certain that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or some time later you will still retain your power.

value of each person

If you think that a person’s value in society lies in power. So when a person runs out of power, that means their value is also gone?

Value of a person by comments, judgments from others?

You can also assume that a person’s value in life is based on judgments and comments from those around them. However, this is not entirely true, for those who love you, have sympathy for you, they will evaluate you in a positive way. On the contrary, if you made them feel unapproachable in the first place, their judgment about you will be harsh. Therefore, compliments and criticisms from people are not the most accurate measure of your worth in life.

3. Where is the value of each person in life?

The value of each person in life is most evident when you are yourself. Nothing, no one can make you change your true worth.

Your values in life lie in: Intelligence, soul, morality, dignity, life skills, behavior, communication… Perhaps you find the values mentioned above somewhat boring and clichéd. empty, but since forever, it is still the most accurate measure of a person’s worth.

The person who knows where your values are, cultivates and trains which values become perfect, and maintains which core values of yourself can only be you.

value of each person

Try seriously thinking about the following issues:

– Which part of the estate I have is made by myself, and which part is left by my parents?

– To have a degree, certificate of an achievement, how much time and effort did you have to put in?

– Is the position and power you hold worthy or not? How did you get where you are today?

– Have you ever helped anyone and received a suggestion from anyone to change?

It can be said that the value of a person in life does not form itself from birth, nor does it stay in place until you give it up. Your self-worth in life can grow or disappear depending on your desires.

To get a better life value, you are not allowed to give up, superficially with your goals and intentions. Try to do your best for the desire to live, how to live properly so that your value is raised. Hope you soon realize your true worth!

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