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What is confidence? Meaning and expression of confident person

Confidence is very necessary and important for everyone. Confidence helps each of us to take the initiative in all situations, which is the key to success. So what is confidence? Meaning and expression? How to become a confident person? If you are learning about this concept. Do not rush to ignore the useful information in the article below of AnCu Life.

What is the concept of confidence?

Confidence is believing in yourself, believing in your own abilities and actions. Specifically, it can be understood that “self” is oneself. “Believe” is faith, trust. The opposite of confident is timidity, shyness, lack of bravery.

Confident people don’t give up easily. They always believe in themselves, dare to pursue and dare to face failure. People who lack confidence always feel afraid, if they haven’t done, they are afraid of failure. And when they fail, these people are very easy to fall, quickly give up.

Examples of confidence

  • In learning: As a confident student, Lan always boldly raises her hand to express her opinion. Lan spoke very calmly, boldly, without shaking or faltering. During the test, Lan usually concentrates on her homework. Meanwhile, Huong (an unconfident person), finished the lesson, looked over and saw that Lan’s answer was different from her own, so she quickly corrected it. After that, Huong saw another Hoang’s answer, rushed up to copy, but the time ran out.
  • At work: During the meeting, Hung boldly presented his views on the new month’s goals. When the company organizes cultural exchanges, Hung actively supports and participates in singing and dancing with everyone.
  • In life: Confidence manifests itself in simple things such as not being afraid to interact with others. Actively talk to foreigners. Think and decide to do it yourself, not everything you ask others…

Expression of confidence

From the specific examples of what confidence is like above, people can easily recognize its manifestations.

  • Always be proactive and self-disciplined in studying, working and in life.
  • Believe in your own ability, not timid, right, depend on.
  • Actively decide everything, dare to think, dare to do.

Actively participate in group activities.

  • Perseverance, persistence to achieve success. Always understand and accept “failure is the mother of success”.
  • Usually get good feedback, high appreciation from people.
  • Have extensive knowledge and understanding, work hard to learn and tinker. When you are confident, you can say and do what you understand and know with certainty. You are not afraid of mistakes or afraid of criticism. And if you are not confident, and do not want to learn to improve your knowledge, you will be easily asked questions. And then, you falter, lack of confidence is understandable.
  • Realize the importance of yourself…

What is the meaning of confidence?

Confidence is very important to everyone. Confidence is a character, a good virtue that needs to be promoted. Thanks to confidence, we think, speak, and act decisively, with certainty. At the same time, the results will also be as good as we want.

In life, we have many “keys” to open the door to success. One of the “keys” that should not be missed is confidence. When we are confident in ourselves, we will easily follow our passions to reach our dreams. On the contrary, if we are always shy and skeptical, we will constantly face failure. Thinking is not clear and will always live in self-constriction.


When we are confident, we will grow more and more, learn many new and interesting things. Confidence also helps us to be liked, approachable, and eager to learn from.

Not only that, but confidence also helps us to become emotional, opinionated and critical thinkers. Currently, families are very focused on training their children’s confidence from a young age. Because when confident, children can develop their potential to create momentum for the future,…

How to improve self-confidence: Improve yourself every day

Thus, it can be seen that confidence is very necessary and should be practiced every day. Confidence will be an indispensable luggage to help us stay steady on every path. To improve self-confidence, we should:

  • Put your fear aside, stay calm, don’t be shy.

Dare to think, dare to do, believe in yourself, overcome your limits.

Don’t just go around thinking that I can’t do this or that. “I can’t do it” as long as you remove the ‘t’, it becomes “I can do it”.

  • Meet many people who are confident and bold. You will easily find the answer of what confidence is, why they are so confident.
  • Explore and read more knowledge and skills.
  • Not afraid to face difficulties and challenges.
  • Keep practicing.

For example, to be confident in front of a crowd, you can practice in front of a mirror or a few people.

Ability to participate in group activities.

  • Find your own strengths.

For example, when going to an interview, thanks to your strengths, you can be more confident. So why not take some time to discover yourself? Answer the questions: What can you do, what will you do well, what stands out?,…

  • Challenge yourself.

Don’t put too much weight on yourself. Success can only start with the smallest things. For example: doing a good typing test without making mistakes, speaking fluently in English, etc.

  • Be yourself, “build” people in all aspects. This is reflected in paying attention to your image a little to be confident when facing people. Professional demeanor when standing, speaking, and eye contact.


Surely you already understand what the concept of confidence is as well as its manifestations and meanings. If you are a confident person, always promote and make the most of your confidence. And if you are not a confident person, don’t worry too much. Train and improve yourself to create good things. However, it is also important to note that being confident is good, but don’t be overconfident!

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