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Three types of summer cooling fruit

Mangosteen, pineapple, especially watermelon have a cooling effect, a very good refreshment for the summer, besides nutritious value and medicinal use.


cooling fruit

Watermelon has high water content, rich in vitamins and minerals, good for overall health and suitable for summer day.

Watermelon with green skin and red flesh has a sweet and light taste, coldness, thirst quenching effect, prevents heatstroke, heat trouble, lowers gas, diuretic, relieves drunkenness. This fruit is used to treat conditions such as boils, mouth ulcers, edema caused by nephritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heatstroke.

In addition to the intestines, watermelon seeds have the effect of cooling the lungs, dissolving phlegm, laxatives, and digestive benefits. Watermelon roots and leaves cure diarrhea and dysentery. Can be mixed into watermelon juice, or combined with herbs in oriental medicine such as: western skin, honeysuckle, bamboo … to make a remedy to drink during the day to clear the heat and relieve the sun.

Some remedies from watermelon rind combined with herbs in traditional medicine are used to treat diseases. For example: dried watermelon rind, powdered, mixed with sesame oil applied to the burn to heal the wound. Watermelon rind, squash rind, ox sock, excellent drink, treat high blood pressure. Watermelon rind, bitter melon (bitter gourd), squash, all peeled and chopped, pressed for water has the effect of clearing heat, used as a very good summer drink, especially for people with boils, fat. However, people do not make their own remedies from watermelon at home, but should consult the ingredients and dosage from the doctor.


cooling fruit

Mangosteen has a purple-red outer skin, bright red like wine, thick and spongy. White citrus fruit, delicious taste. This is a species of tree native to the southern islands, imported to grow in the South to get fruit to eat. In the summer, mangosteen juice mixed with lemon, sugar, and ice is a delicious and nutritious beverage.

Mangosteen peel is acrid, can be used as medicine, mainly for diarrhea by drinking, the amount is 20 g.

The peel contains high levels of xanthones (antioxidants, derived from plants), anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, cancer prevention, immune system booster and good for the heart. When eating or gargling with mangosteen juice will reduce bad breath.

The fruit also contains many xanthone, effective in reducing bad cholesterol and anti-obesity, very suitable for weight loss. In addition, in mangosteen fruit contains tryptophan acid, creating excitement in the spirit, increasing vitality, reducing fatigue.


cooling fruit

Pineapple is fragrant, sweet, sour, neutral, has heat-clearing effect, refreshment, diuretic, anti-gastritis, treatment of heatstroke, alcohol detoxification, digestive support, intestinal cancer prevention, lower blood pressure. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelin (like pepsin in papaya) with anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties and supports the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The nutritional composition of pineapple includes sucrose 12.43%, glucose 3.21%, many vitamins A, B, C… Can be eaten whole, pressed for juice or cooked in soup. Eating pineapple has a diuretic effect, so it helps to treat high blood pressure and reduce swelling. Therefore, pineapple is a very good food for people with cardiovascular disease.

This yellow fruit is very suitable in the summer, not only cooling effect but also treating kidney stones, urinary stones. Take a pineapple (kind of ripe), cut the top and then cut the middle of the fruit down a hole 3 cm deep, put in two spoons of alum powder and then close the lid. Boil pineapple until pureed, take out two glasses, drink one cup in the evening, wake up the next morning and drink the other cup, the stones will dissolve in the urine. Clear and cloudy urine like rice water is effective.

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