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The value of love in life

There are many people who think that being born in this world is a great happiness. Happiness is just eating full, lots of money. However, life would not be complete without the word “love”. We have heard a lot about love, also witnessed many touching stories about love. However, when asked what is love? Where is the value of love in life, we do not yet know.

1. What is love?

Love here is not just about the love story between a man and a woman. The love we want to talk about is empathy, understanding, sharing, attachment, harmony… between people.

Love is considered a beautiful, noble quality and is the core value of human life. Love is expressed in many different forms and attitudes. People can show their love by: Sharing, caring, helping, loving, appreciating…

There are many people who liken love to a colorful stone that transforms into many different things from the heart of each person. Being born into a family full of love, growing up in a gentle society full of sharing and sympathy is always the happiness of each person.

When it comes to love, there is no universal definition. Each person will have different feelings about love.

value of love

2. Love in society is “withered”?

Why do people use such beautiful words and images when talking about love? Meanwhile, there are many people who increasingly lose faith in the word “love”?

Love is always something very sacred, there are people because of love without regret, even the things that are most important to them. However, there are also people who, when talking about love, sharing, and care, are timid, concerned and refuse to open their hearts.

As society develops, the value of love in life gradually becomes a luxury gift that few dare bring to give to others. Perhaps because the hustle, bustle and noise of today’s life has made love no longer retain the same value as before.

When everything is overshadowed by money, material things, fame and gain…, selfishness and heartlessness have “taken the throne”. When this society still has many bad people who take advantage of the love of others to deceive and lie to gain illegal profits. When people live too much for themselves, afraid of being deceived and disadvantaged, love has also been forgotten by them.

value of love

Just ask why today’s society has many people insensitive to difficult and unhappy situations? All because they are still suspicious, afraid of falling into the “eyes” of the bad guys. Some people become more indifferent to people around them because they still carry a lot of jealousy, envy, and a little selfishness and pettiness.

Today’s love is no longer received, given lightly as before. Instead, love seems to be labeled with calculation, deception, and precaution. It is for these reasons that this life has many contradictory circumstances, and many people in difficulty are looking forward to receiving a little warmth of “love”, sharing and sympathy.

3. The value of love in life

Speaking of this, we can say that the value of love for life is very important and great. The value of love in life brings:

Bringing people closer together

If people continue to live in a vicious circle of pettiness, selfishness and heartlessness, they will create an invisible “wall” separating themselves and others. Why don’t you try to open your heart and look at things objectively with more tolerance, forgiveness and understanding? Just a little love is given, you will bring others happiness and motivation to continue living a life with many hardships. Even yourself when you give a little of your love will feel better and happier. Since then, it seems that there is an invisible “string” that is gradually connecting you and everyone together.

value of love

People who receive love have more faith in life

A little sympathy and sharing that you send to people in need will be a source of motivation to help them have more faith in life. What you give is not necessarily money or possessions. In some cases, what they need most of all is encouragement, comfort and spiritual companion. Therefore, do not be afraid to share with those who are having difficulty. Not everyone who wants to be loved by you is a bad person, a fraud. So please consider, be more vigilant and keep loving.

Change the view of people in society

In today’s society, there are still many people who are insensitive, do not have the habit of sharing and helping others. So why aren’t you the one to inspire people’s love? Just your small actions can make everyone observe, have a new look and will together with you create a “flame” of love that grows and spreads everywhere.

value of love

Love seems simple and small, but for the recipient, it is a priceless thing. Don’t be afraid to bring love and enhance its value to social life. The value of this life will be much more precious when people treat each other with love, recognizing the true value of love in life.

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