The Exotic and Unusual Cuisine of Vanuatu: Exploring the Top 3 Horror Dishes

Vanuatu is a small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. Known for its pristine beaches and lush tropical forests, Vanuatu is also home to a unique and exotic cuisine. However, among the many delicious dishes that Vanuatu has to offer, there are also some that might be considered horror dishes due to their unusual ingredients or preparation methods. Here are the top three most horror dishes of Vanuatu:

Lap Lap

Lap Lap

Lap Lap is a traditional Vanuatu dish made from grated root vegetables such as yam, taro, or cassava, mixed with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves. The mixture is then baked in a fire pit, often for several hours, until it is tender and has a smoky flavor. Lap Lap is often served with a side of vegetables or meat.

While Lap Lap might not seem like a horror dish at first, the unusual preparation method can be quite daunting for some people. However, it is a beloved dish in Vanuatu and is often enjoyed at special occasions such as weddings or festivals.



Namar is a traditional Vanuatu dish made from flying foxes, a type of bat found on the island. The bats are marinated in a mixture of salt, chili peppers, and sometimes garlic, and then baked or grilled until they are crispy. The meat is often served with a side of vegetables or rice.

While Namar might be considered a horror dish due to its use of bats, it is a delicacy in Vanuatu and is often served at special events or feasts. The meat has a unique texture and flavor that is sure to delight adventurous eaters.



Kava is a traditional Vanuatu beverage made from the roots of the kava plant. The roots are ground into a powder, mixed with water, and then strained through a cloth to create a murky brown liquid. Kava is known for its relaxing properties and is often consumed during social gatherings or ceremonies.

While Kava might not seem like a horror dish at first, the drink’s unusual taste and effects can be quite unsettling for some people. However, it is an important part of Vanuatu’s culture and is often enjoyed as a social lubricant.


In conclusion, Vanuatu’s cuisine is full of unique and exotic dishes that might not be for everyone. From root vegetable dishes like Lap Lap, to meat dishes like Namar made from flying foxes, and even traditional beverages like Kava, Vanuatu’s cuisine is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try some traditional Vanuatu dishes, be sure to do so with caution and at a reputable restaurant or with someone who is familiar with the dish. Happy eating!

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