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Syzygium nervosum tea, a precious tonic of the oriental people

Syzygium nervosum is a species of Syzygium tree native to tropical Asia, previously known as Cleistocalyx operculatus. This is a very nutritious drink and a very good tonic for human health.

The Syzygium nervosum is usually about 5-6 m high, the diameter of the tree can be up to 50cm. The petiole is 1-1.5 cm long. The leaves are tough. The flowers are almost stemless, pale green, white. The fruit is ovoid, 7-12 mm in diameter when ripe, dark purple in color, with fluid. Leaves, young branches and buds all have a special pleasant aroma.

Syzygium nervosum tea

Syzygium nervosum water or Syzygium nervosum tea is a beverage made with buds, or leaves that have been brewed and dried, which can also be used while the leaves are still fresh. This is a very popular drink in rural areas, even urban areas in the Northern Delta of Vietnam. Tap water is used to drink every day like green tea.

Syzygium nervosum tea

Why does the Syzygium nervosum have medicinal effects?

In the leaves and buds, there are tannins, some minerals, vitamins and essential oils with pleasant aroma, some antibiotics have the ability to kill many types of pathogenic bacteria. Fresh or dried leaves are considered as an antiseptic used to treat many skin diseases such as scabies, boils. In fact, our people often take fresh leaves to crush, cook with boiling water to get condensed water to wash their hair effectively to treat impetigo.

Syzygium nervosum leaves have the effect of supporting the treatment of gout

Syzygium nervosum leaves have the effect of supporting the treatment of gout

The leaves are considered a savior for people suffering from gout. The leaves and buds are used to help digest food, especially greasy food, reduce fat, diuretic and detoxifying. Patients with gout are caused by eating a lot of sweet fats, stagnation of uric acid; On the other hand, due to poor excretion by the digestive system and kidneys, uric acid stagnates in the joints, causing swelling, heat, redness, and joint pain.

The bud helps in the treatment of diabetes

Flavonoid compounds in bud tea are very effective in supporting the prevention and treatment of diabetes patients. Diabetics, if regularly drinking tea, will help stabilize blood sugar, reduce blood fat, prevent cell oxidation, protect pancreatic beta cell damage, and prevent cataracts in diabetics. Helps increase basal metabolism. The special thing is that drinking bud has no significant side effects, so it can be taken regularly.

Buds help reduce blood fat

Buds help reduce blood fat

Recipe for blood fat: 15 – 20 g bud, drink water instead of tea during the day or cook it into condensed water divided into 3 times a day. Need to drink regularly to be effective.

The bark of the Syzygium nervosum helps to cure burns

The bark of the Syzygium nervosum is shaved off the rough bark, washed, pounded, mixed with boiling water to cool, filtered water, applied all over the burn. The drug will reduce secretions, stop swelling, relieve pain, limit the growth of germs.

The leaves help to cure itchy sores, impetigo

The leaves are just enough to cook thoroughly, take water to bathe, wash the itchy sores and wash your hair.

Syzygium nervosum root cures hepatitis, jaundice

Use root with 200 g decoction drink every day.

The leaves support the treatment of chronic colitis, dull abdominal pain, frequent stools

The leaves support the treatment of chronic colitis, dull abdominal pain, frequent stools

200 g fresh leaves, crushed, use 2 liters of boiling water, soak for 1 hour to drink instead of water.

Support for treatment of abdominal pain, raw feces: 3 pieces of Syzygium nervosum leaves, 8 g guava peel, 10 g pepper banana knob. The same finely chopped dry with 400 ml of water, the remaining 100 ml divided into 2 times a day, used immediately for 2-3 days.

How to use the Syzygium nervosum leaves?

Wash dried Syzygium nervosum leaves and put them in a kettle, bring cold water to boil, then drink hot or cold. Buds are also boiled in water until boiling or steeped in boiling water like green tea.

The Syzygium nervosum tea from the dried leaves has a reddish brown color, while the water from the fresh leaves is green like green tea. When drinking tap water, it has a slightly bitter, slightly sweet taste, and a strong fragrance.

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