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Spinach – a popular dish with medicinal flavor

Spinach has welding properties, the use of heat clearing, laxative, detoxification; Contains pectin mucus anti-obesity, support weight loss.

Mangosteen is a vine, the stem is curled, 1.5-2 m long. According to Oriental medicine, sage has sweet and sour taste, non-toxic, cold properties, laxative effect, clears heat, detoxifies blood, activates blood, treats constipation, red-yellow urine, hemorrhoids, defecation. bleeding. Disposable amount 10-15 g if the leaves are dry, 60 g if the leaves are fresh.

In 100 g of spinach leaves contain 102 mg of vitamin C, which helps the body improve the health of the immune system. This substance is necessary for the synthesis of collagen in the body, maintaining the integrity of blood cells, skin, organs and bones. Studies show that foods rich in vitamin C help increase resistance, purify the body, enhance iron absorption, control heart disease, harden arteries and reduce cholesterol, prevent cataracts. Vitamin C is water-soluble and cannot be made or stored by the body, so it needs to be supplied daily.

Spinach also contains magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A… good for overall health. Mucus pectin helps prevent many diseases, fight obesity, and absorb cholesterol. Endogenous and exogenous cholesterol are both retained in the intestine, fat in food cannot be absorbed through the intestinal membrane, cholesterol will be excreted through feces. Therefore, eating spinach helps to eliminate fat, good for people with high fat and blood sugar, and supports weight loss.

Spinach is processed into a suitable dish for people with high blood fat and people who want to lose weight, such as: clam soup, spinach soup, fried spinach with garlic, and boiled spinach.

The juice from spinach can treat burns. Stewed spinach with pork leg to eat daily will help treat joint pain. Mothers after giving birth with little milk can eat spinach to increase milk production because spinach contains vitamins A3, B3, saponins, iron, so it is good for pregnant women… Note due to its active nature, Spinach is limited to pregnant women.

This vegetable does not improve male physiology at all. On the contrary, in case of physiological weakness due to kidney failure, the use of spinach will cause physiological decline.

Many families have a habit of eating spinach soup that does not run out, often overnight to eat for the next meal. This is a bad habit, the reason is that the nitrate content in green vegetables is quite high, if cooked for too long, the bacteria will be decomposed, the nitrate will form nitrite, a carcinogen. Therefore, it is best if you finish eating and have leftover soup, you should throw it away.

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