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Selfishness is growing in society

Good and evil can be turned around by a narrow margin, but the insensitivity, denial of related responsibilities make us an indifferent outsider before all the movements of life.

Cultural adaptation

Looking at social manifestations in an environment such as religion will help us to explain more about culture shocks that have occurred and are occurring at varying degrees of severity that have yet to wake many people up, view for adjustment. The attitude of silence “just like that” in the face of these culture shocks shows that the true selfishness is much larger than that existing in the perception of adults.

Cultural adaptation happened in the opposite direction. That the extent of the influence of traditional cultural capital should be the things that young people have to adapt to, it is almost as if the elderly are having to adapt more to the young and to the new “free” way of life. Cultural habits and behaviors become boring and exhausting. Even so, young people throw garbage but no old people pick up trash to guide their behavior, because we think that “everyone does what everyone else”.

This mindset is not always appropriate in an environment where emotional behavior is always put first, especially when we ourselves, in many situations, have not yet demonstrated a culture of self-responsibility well. Young people need us to be strict and tolerant.

In the course of life, there are behavioral habits that are replaced or supplemented, but from the foundation of the mind, the resurgence of memories will be an opportunity to reproduce the cultural behaviors that are adapted to each condition and situation. life circumstances.

A person may have two, three, or even four cultural environments in them, but when they return to the reality of traditional behavior, it is they who, more than anyone else, want to establish that they belong to a tradition. And only the good things in a meaningful memory of culture, love, compassion, tolerance, spirituality, faith and bloodline will call them back. They cannot live in a non-spiritual and traditional way of life. That consequence will be very sad, because if we are still cultural exiles in our own homeland, how can they receive the values ​​of love and consciously preserve and protect them? guard.


During the subsidy period, we had to queue to buy everything, but it is not because we always have to queue that we have a queuing culture. Therefore, the image of jostling, snatching, fear of losing the better part has haunted the mind and metastasized into many generations. We don’t have a culture of fairness so we don’t create a true queuing culture.

Since a person perceives that there is justice, he or she who comes early or late will also receive the same fairness, of course they do not argue, do not dominate, do not be rude. Culture is not queuing, but it is the queue that creates culture, culture is a moving process of standard and beneficial behaviors.

No matter what form of culture (East-West) young people accept, it cannot be said that littering, picking flowers, breaking branches, profane speech, and walking around is a culture. Because public opinion has always pointed out to them that it is an aesthetic behavior.

Are they exposed to those criticisms? Sometimes they realize, but why do they still behave in a way that is completely absent from cultural behaviour? For they themselves have been in a position to deal with the judgments and impeachments of the masses.

No one gives them an excuse that they have a broken family, that they are confused, that their psychology is having serious problems, that they were previously obedient and filial, that their idols their collapse, that they do not have a good home and school education environment like others…

Is selfishness growing in society?

The multitude of reasons they give give us more accurate correlational views. Is selfishness growing in society, even as it pushes them relentlessly toward sin and forces them to sin? That relational value at least suggests to us compassion, that good and evil can be turned around by an inch, but indifference, denial of related responsibilities makes us apathetic outsiders. before all the movements of life.

Religion, meanwhile, should be the place to implement good ideas, becoming spiritual therapies to balance society, unfortunately, the culture shocks here once again hit. and suppress the awareness of young people: that in some sacred places, the secularization and commercialization of spirituality is complicated, it is worth mentioning that it has become a place for people to pray, seek fame and fortune, even using the gods as a screen to cover up their evil deeds?

Ambition to beg or hidden in the mind has more or less exposed a tendency to live selfishly, indifferently, indifferently, and strongly, someone who begs for more fortune, fame, etc. Next to their house, there may be people who are dying, living in poverty with no way out.

With the above complicated expressions, culture must certainly be recognized on the overall level of acceptance and tolerance. Those two processes have the function of closing and opening up values ​​that can complement each other at a balanced level. And no matter how it is expressed, culture is still a valuable ladder that every person’s feet must step on, regardless of their position or social organization.

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