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Risks of premature aging of the scalp

Ultraviolet ray; polluted; smoke; stress; irregular activities; using inappropriate shampoo … accelerates the aging of the scalp, so it is necessary to pay attention to care.

There are many measures to protect the body’s skin from aging such as applying sunscreen and moisturizing regularly. But few people care about the scalp, making this sensitive skin area prematurely aging, causing more damage to the hair, causing dandruff, itching, bacteria …

Manifestations of scalp aging

Doctor shared, besides pollution, diet, living, skin diseases, scalp aging is a cause of dandruff, itching, bacteria that not many people know or care about. level. Partly because it is difficult to recognize, the lesions on the scalp are often easily overlooked.

Aging on the scalp is most obvious when the hair turns silver or white because less melanin (the pigment that gives hair color) is produced. In fact, hair on the face and body will also change color, but often much more slowly than hair. Therefore, the scalp can age faster than the skin of the face or body.

“Besides hair discoloration, signs of aging include dry scalp; moisture imbalance; hair loss; dandruff, itching, bacteria also multiply rapidly. Aging scalp usually appears at the age of 30. But with careless hair care, many people face this condition at the age of 25,” said Doctor.

Aging is a natural process, but external factors such as ultraviolet rays in sunlight, pollution, smoking, stress, diet, and irregular activities can accelerate this process on the face. scalp, causing many people to lose confidence with their hair and uncomfortable feelings caused by dandruff, itching, and bacteria.

How to take care of the scalp before premature aging

According to Doctor, prevention is better than cure, so taking care of your hair and scalp needs to be done as soon as possible so that you don’t have to have a headache to find ways to overcome the signs of scalp aging when it’s too late. To slow down the aging process of hair, the scalp needs to have a care regimen for this sensitive skin area and the whole body such as:

– Avoid harmful agents such as UV rays, electromagnetic radiation, dust by covering your hair every time you go out.

– When styling your hair, you should limit the effects of using a lot of chemicals such as bleaching, curling, etc. because it makes the scalp weak. Hair care is not just a women’s problem because men are also more prone to hair problems, scalp, dandruff, itching, bacteria maybe more than women.


Aging will cause collagen and the ability of the scalp to lose water. The addition of foods such as chicken, salmon, bananas … rich in vitamin B6 to keep the scalp moist is a must if you want to have healthy hair.

  • Shampooing is also very important. The frequency of washing should be suitable for different skin types, for example, oily skin should wash more often than dry skin.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoos can be used that can eliminate dandruff, itching, bacteria (a sign of aging) with nutrients such as vitamin B3, amino acids to moisturize the scalp. If using inappropriate shampoos, the scalp is easily irritated, the protective layer also weakens, causing dandruff, itching, bacteria, hair loss.
  • Priority is given to choosing shampoos from reputable brands with formulas recognized by the Department of Health.

Scalp aging, dandruff, itching and bacteria are not too difficult to get rid of if you know the cause and understand the right method to apply. You should equip yourself with knowledge to protect the scalp against harmful agents, a nutritious diet, and a workout schedule to improve the skin’s resistance.

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