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Refreshing and beautifying summer days with coconut, sour tamarind


Coconut water is especially pure and rich in nutrients for refreshment, and extracted into coconut oil for skin and hair care; Tamarind is rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.

Coconut is also known as old age, the young fruit inside has a liquid endosperm called coconut water, when the fruit is old, this water gradually thickens inside, close to the shell, creating a thick layer that makes the copra and is white.

Parts of the tree such as pulp, water, skullcap, and coconut shell can all be used as medicine. In Eastern medicine, copra is sweet, delicious, and can be pressed to extract oil, which can be applied to skin or hair to beautify beauty. Drinking coconut water can stop sunstroke, applying or washing hair has the effect of blackening the hair. Coconut skull has a bitter taste, blood-activating effect, if burned and then finely ground, drinking with cold water can treat heart attacks. Coconut fiber acrid taste, detoxification effect, treatment of syphilis sores, joint pain.


Tamarind is rich in glucose and other nutrients and has laxative properties. In Oriental medicine, tamarind fruit and seeds taste sour, sweet, bitter, cool, contain a lot of vitamin C, have a cooling effect, detoxify, digest food, treat constipation in the elderly.

Tamarind fruit marinated in sugar, braked with water to make a refreshing drink, laxative, suitable for summer. Seeds can be dried with yellow stars, decoction of drinking water, treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure. Tamarind leaves taste sour, bitter, detoxifying effect, prevent skin diseases, cure dermatitis, itchy sores.

Tamarind also provides antioxidants, fiber and essential nutrients that moisturize as well as firm the skin, preventing the aging process. You can eat tamarind every day or process tamarind into a delicious and nutritious tea.

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