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Polyscias fruticosa harms – Ginseng of Southeast Asia

Today, AnCu Life and you learn about Polyscias fruticosa harms, a precious plant that nature bestows on humans.

Polyscias fruticosa harms is likened to “ginseng” by Hai Thuong Lan Ong – the great physician of the Vietnamese people. It is so named because Polyscias fruticosa harms is a precious medicinal herb that has the effect of enhancing vitality and intelligence. Polyscias fruticosa leaves are often decocted for women to drink after giving birth to have a healthy body and have more milk; The roots of Polyscias fruticosa harms are washed, finely chopped, soaked in alcohol to nourish the body, blood and increase energy.

1. Polyscias fruticosa harms

Polyscias fruticosa harms

The scientific name of Polyscias fruticosa harms is Polyscias irmicosa (L.) Harms (Panax fruticosum L), belonging to the family Araliaceae.

Polyscias fruticosa harms belongs to the Crazy family or Ginseng, grown as an ornamental in many families and as a medicine in traditional medicine.

In folklore, there are many plants named Polyscias fruticosa harms, but the most popular and used medicinal plant is the small leaf Polyscias fruticosa harms.

2. Active ingredients in Polyscias fruticosa

Polyscias fruticosa harms root bark and leaves contain more than 8 types of saponins (including many saponins similar to ginseng), alcoloids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, 20 amino acids, glycocids, alkaloids, phytosterols, tannins, organic acids muscle, essential oil, many trace elements and 21.10% sugar. The leaves also contain triterpene saponins (1.65%), a genin identified as oleanolic acid.

3. Uses of Polyscias fruticosa harms

3.1. According to Oriental Medicine

– Leaves have the function of detoxification, anti-allergy, used to detoxify food, treat coughing up blood, dysentery, swelling pimples.

– The stem and branches of Polyscias fruticosa harms are used to treat low back pain and rheumatism

– The root has the effect of nourishing blood, clearing blood vessels and is used for diuretics, tonics and treatment of weak and debilitated bodies.

Polyscias fruticosa harms

3.2. According to Western medicine

Polyscias fruticosa extract has the following effects:

  • Increase the amplitude of the brain potential, increase the ratio of alpha and beta waves and decrease the ratio of delta waves; increased receptivity of cortical neurons to light stimuli
  • Slightly increase the excitement process when performing reflexes in the maze
  • Increased conditioned reflex activity includes positive and discriminant reflexes.

In general, under the effect of Polyscias fruticosa extract, the cerebral cortex is slightly activated and synchronized, the functions of the nervous system in terms of reception and integration are better.

Studies also show that Polyscias fruticosa root powder or extract has the ability to increase the human body’s endurance in hot and humid conditions, better than Vitamin C and cooling tea. That is the power-enhancing effect of this medicinal plant.

  • The decoction and wine of Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves have the effect of inhibiting the growth of pyogenic bacteria and intestinal bacteria. Therefore, these preparations have anti-diarrheal effects, especially on cattle.
  • Polyscias fruticosa root extract and powder have the effect of stimulating immunity, increasing resistance to diseases.

4. How to use Polyscias fruticosa harms effectively

4.1. Help improve the health of pregnant women

Polyscias fruticosa harms

After giving birth, the female body is often weakened, the body is significantly damaged, so it needs to be replenished to restore health. You can drink Polyscias fruticosa harms leaf juice or use Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves to cook soup to get water to drink to enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients.


  • Take 150 – 200g of fresh leaves, wash, brake with 200ml of boiling water, close the lid, after 5-7 minutes, open it, flip it back and forth a few times, then squeeze out the first glass of water.
  • Continue to add 200ml of water, bring to a boil, to get the second water. Drink regularly every day until allergy symptoms disappear.

4.2. Cure blocked milk ducts, stretch breast milk for mothers after giving birth

How to make: Root of Polyscias fruticosa harms 30-40g. Add 500ml of decoction to 250ml. Drink hot. Drink it for 2-3 days, breast pain is gone, milk flow is normal.

Note: If the water is cold, it should be reheated, drink it all during the day, do not drink cold water or leave it for the next day. In addition, if your home does not grow fenugreek, for convenience, you should star gold, store the leaves in a glass jar and then drink water like tea. In addition, you can take 50-100g of chopped fenugreek leaves with 1 large bubble, cook it into porridge with glutinous rice to cure less milk.

4.3. Cure uterine pain, menstrual disorders

Polyscias fruticosa harms

Not only does it help circulate milk, drinking Polyscias fruticosa harms also has a good effect in supporting blood circulation, treating menstrual disorders, and stabilizing blood sugar. Polyscias fruticosa harms also helps strengthen resistance, minimize pain in the abdomen and cervix in postpartum women.


– Prepare enough leaves and leaves to use, wash, stir-fry, store in a dry place

– Every day, the leaves and branches of Polyscias fruticosa harms with drinking water instead of tea, persistently used for a long time will see the effect.

4.4. Cure painful swollen joints and injuries caused by falls

Preparation: Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves 40g.

Implementation: Wash, crush and apply to the painful area. Change 1-2 times a day until the swelling and pain are gone.

4.5. Treat back pain, knee pain and body pain due to low back pain

Polyscias fruticosa harms

Preparation: The stem of the polyscias fruticosa harms 20 – 30g.

Implementation: Sac take water to drink, divide the decoction into 3 times and use it all during the day. In case of severe pain, you can add a little licorice, chrysanthemum and shame root.

4.6. Cure itchiness caused by allergies

For people with allergies or signs of allergies, they can use Polyscias fruticosa harms to prevent this condition. Because as mentioned, the main use of Polyscias fruticosa harms is anti-allergy and food detoxification.

How to make: 80g Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves, yellow star, excellent drink. Use for 2-3 months.

4.7. Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves cure insomnia, help calm, relieve headaches

Polyscias fruticosa harms

Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves contain saponins and many other important components. Scientists have demonstrated that the medicinal properties of the leaves can mildly and synergistically activate the cerebral cortex. This has a very good effect on the nervous system.

Besides, Polyscias fruticosa harms also has the effect of enhancing resistance, sedation and meridian communication … Using Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves helps patients to calm down, sleep better and sleep more deeply. For patients with headache symptoms, Polyscias fruticosa harms leaves can promote pain relief, improve stress. Besides, when waking up, users also feel refreshed and alert.

Ways to use Polyscias fruticosa harms to treat insomnia:

  • Use a pillow to prevent insomnia: The young leaves of the polyscias fruticosa harmsr plant have small leaves and are washed to remove the dirt that is still attached to the leaves. Then let it dry, avoiding direct sunlight to lose the fragrance of the leaves. Should dry leaves just arrived, avoid brittle, check that the leaves still have a certain plasticity, you can bring the yellow star at the right temperature and then bring the leaves to dehumidify at the specified temperature. Then mix with cotton wool and polyscias fruticosa harms leaves a sufficient and suitable amount to make the heart of the mandrake pillow. How to make the pillow intestines do not have a lot of polyscias fruticosa harms causing a pungent smell, which will make it more difficult for the patient to sleep.
  • Use polyscias fruticosa harms in everyday dishes. Popular dishes are fried eggs, braised fish and pork heart porridge… These are also good dishes for improving the body’s resistance.

4.8. Reducing startling sleep in children

The polyscias fruticosa harms leaf pillow has the effect of treating theft, anti-startle, helping children have a better and deeper sleep.

Implementation: Dry the leaves of Polyscias fruticosa harms and then spread it on the bed or put it on a pillow for the child to lie on.

5. Note the use of Polyscias fruticosa harms

According to experts, although ginseng leaf juice is very good for health, it contains many saponins, overdose will cause symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and fatigue. Uncomfortable fatigue.. Should only use Polyscias fruticosa harms with the allowable dose, abuse will cause some unwanted side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, broken red blood cells.

For children, only polyscias fruticosa harms leaves can be used on the skin, dried and placed under the pillow for children and definitely not for children to drink this kind of leaf juice.

Do not use Polyscias fruticosa harms leaf juice for pregnant women in the first trimester. Although there are no studies showing that pregnant women should not take it, to be safe, it is best not to use it arbitrarily.

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