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Nutrients that should be included in your child’s breakfast

Protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium… are essential groups of nutrients for a nutritious breakfast, helping children to start a new day firmly.

Indispensable substances in children’s breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Children need to have a nutritious breakfast so that their body can start the day firmly, ready to participate in effective learning and playing activities.

According to medical doctor Mary L. Gavin (USA), a breakfast for children necessarily includes carbohydrates (compounds including sugar, starch, fiber), protein and fiber. In addition, children need to be supplemented with essential vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, etc. Nutritionists note that providing adequate nutrients for children does not mean that children have to eat. too full because there are meals that are full but not fully and nutritionally balanced.

In fact, many Vietnamese children and parents still only pay attention to the element of fullness in breakfast, but do not attach importance to the nutritional factor.

In a small survey of 52 parents with children of primary and secondary school age, more than half did not pay much attention to the nutritional composition of their children’s breakfast. In other words, most parents are more interested in the “full” than the “healthy” benefits of breakfast.

One parent said that her child and many of her classmates often eat breakfast at the school canteen. The meals are quite poor in nutrition, for example fried rice with half a piece of fried egg; noodles or noodles with about 5 thin slices of pork; the bread also only has a bit of pate. Most of the children feel full because the meal contains a lot of starch and does not bring nutritional quality. Therefore, to ensure adequate nutrition for her child, Ms. Hang always prepares for her baby an extra 180ml box of fresh milk to drink every morning. “I am assured that fresh milk adds essential nutrients to help children get enough nutrition to start a new day firmly,” Hang said.

The role of milk in children’s breakfast

According to research by British scientists published in the journal Age & Aging, drinking milk in the morning is a healthy habit that helps provide children with the nutrients they need for the day. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the World (FAO) also emphasizes that milk is an effective way to meet the needs of protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin B2, vitamins B12 and B5. “Drinking milk for breakfast is the ideal opportunity to help your child start the day the right way and make sure to consume the recommended amount of milk each day,” says Food and Drug Administration dietary guidelines. USA (FDA) said.

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