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Immunity-boosting meals for the elderly

Elderly people eat enough three meals a day, prioritize soft foods, easy to digest, should not be vegetarians, add enough water and maintain light exercise at home.

The elderly group, especially the elderly with underlying medical conditions, are often difficult to cope with if they are unfortunately infected with Covid-19. Therefore, families need to choose the right nutrition to increase resistance, eat enough meals, not skip meals to limit the risk of hypoglycemia. Especially for people with diabetes, priority should be given to foods that are easy to digest and absorb such as porridge, soup, etc. to improve the immune system and prevent diseases.

Elderly people should choose balanced foods in 4 groups (carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins, minerals and fibres). Eat three meals a day. Do not snack because this makes the energy intake uncontrollable. In addition, junk food often contains a lot of sugar and fats that are harmful to health. Do not abuse vitamin C to prevent Covid-19. Do not overeat, eat on time.

In the group of foods with protein, priority should be given to seafood and seafood, followed by protein from poultry and then protein from cattle. Note the balance of animal and plant protein, not a vegetarian diet. Add fiber from vegetables and fruits.

Drinking enough water helps metabolize substances easily, cleanse the body, reduce constipation. However, the elderly should only drink enough, should not drink much because the metabolic capacity has been reduced. Specifically, elderly people without cardiovascular disease or obstructive pulmonary disease can drink 30-35 ml/kg/day. Accordingly, an elderly person, weighing 50 kg should drink about 1.5 to 1.7 liters of water a day. If the workout loses a sweat, we can drink a little more.

“Should drink evenly throughout the day, should not drink much at one time to avoid the heart having to work a lot”

In addition, the amount of water supplied to the body depends on age. For people under 50 years old should drink about 40 ml / kg / day or people with a weight of 50 kg should drink about 2 l / day.

Do not rush to buy lemongrass, garlic and ginger to drink. “The excessive use, following the movement and without the correct amount and dosage is not advisable,” emphasized the doctor. “Not to mention, garlic juice can cause burns, blisters, and irritation in the stomach lining if used in uncontrolled amounts.”

Doctors recommend that families should use fresh food, do not store food too much, for too long.

Avoid storing too many items in the refrigerator. Food should be used immediately after processing. The foods should also be kept at the right temperature (cooler type, frozen storage type). Separate cooked and raw foods during storage, mark the storage date to know the freezing time of each type of food and food.

Most importantly, elderly people with underlying diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, chronic kidney failure… are required to adhere to the treatment regimen of their doctor. Take the correct medication and take the correct medication as prescribed. Never give up treatment to make the disease worse.

In particular, during the time of social distancing, people still have to keep their spirits up and stay active at home to increase the body’s resistance.

“We have to determine that Covid-19 can be prolonged, so we still maintain training in many forms at home. Exercise is good for general health, increases flexibility, maintains muscle mass and burns fat, reduce the risk of disease,” said the doctor.

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