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How to walk to lose weight

15,000 steps a day, drinking green tea before exercise or climbing stairs are simple ways to help lose weight by walking.

Without the need for heavy exercises or strict diets, walking can also help reduce weight significantly when done correctly. Michele Stanten, founder of My Walking Coach, author of The Walking Solution, points out that walking properly can help women lose 6-9 kg after 8 weeks of exercise. For men, weight loss can happen faster. Here are some ways that can help with weight loss through walking.

15,000 steps per day

New research recently published in the journal JAMA shows that walking 7,000 steps a day reduces the risk of premature death by 50-70% compared to those who walk less. Walking 10,000 steps a day also brings a lot of health benefits. But to lose weight, we need more than that.

15,000 steps is enough to promote fat burning in the body. If you only take 3,000 steps right now, gradually increase it to 2,000 steps per week. If you force yourself to increase the number of steps suddenly, it will put pressure on your body, causing pain or injury. Gradually increasing the goal is a way for the body to adapt and be effective when losing weight.

Walk three times a day, 20 minutes each time

Breaking down into several walks a day helps the body to be less tired, especially for beginners. After each meal, you can take 15-20 minutes for a gentle walk. In addition to weight loss, walking after meals also helps control sugar levels in the body, improves digestion and helps to sleep better.

Walking on the slope

Walking uphill takes a lot of strength and your heart rate increases faster. When climbing, the body will stimulate fat burning, accelerate metabolism and build more muscle in the calf area. While staying at home during social distancing, we can take the stairs instead. With a slope or stairs, when walking we should keep a slow pace, lean forward slightly, keep a steady breathing to avoid muscle tension.

Drink green tea before walking

By boosting metabolism and increasing blood flow, green tea can improve the amount of oxygen in the organs, thereby helping the body to be more efficient. Before a workout, drinking green tea can help burn more fat thanks to the presence of caffeine. The caffeine in green tea isn’t as stimulant as coffee, but it’s enough to give you an energy boost to help you exercise for a longer period of time.

Incorporate more exercises

Walking is a simple exercise method that is suitable for many subjects. However, the mere exercise can be boring. To speed up the weight loss process, you can combine many different exercises. Some simple exercises can be done at home right during the epidemic season such as squats, push-ups, jump ropes. Incorporating these exercises after a walk can help the body increase endurance and flexibility.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water during exercise helps to lose weight faster. Drinking a lot of water will help the muscles to be firmer, not sagging during exercise. In addition, you must minimize sugary drinks if you do not want the weight loss results to “drink the river into the sea”.

Motivate yourself

When you can’t participate in outdoor sports training, taking advantage of every location is the best way to be effective. Corridors, terraces, stairs, bedrooms can all become ideal walking places. However, working out at home easily leads to boredom. To motivate ourselves to practice, we can set our own goals or participate in online tournaments.

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