How to plant and care for white lotus to have the most beautiful flowers

The white lotus is idyllic, rustic but very meaningful, blooming in the summer and bringing irresistible beauty to the home space. The white lotus plant is similar to the pink lotus but has a more pure character. The white lotus petals rising up in the mud make us unable to stop looking.


The white lotus is native to India. With good care, the tree can grow to nearly 2 meters, the roots crawl horizontally about 3 meters below the water surface. Lotus leaves have 2 symmetrical deep lobes, 30 – 55 cm long and about 30 cm wide. The leaves grow on the water surface and when fully developed; they will float on the water beautifully with a dark green color. In particular, lotus leaves are impervious to water, so they are always in a state of standing water, dynamic and become the inspiration of many artists.


The reason people often grow white lotus indoors more than pink lotus because of its pure beauty. The flower bud is blue-white closed like two hands clasped together before blooming. When in full bloom, the white petals are staggered, close to each other, covering the yellow lotus stamens and green lotus petals. Lotus calyx contains a lot of lotus seeds. In the middle of the lotus seed, there is a green lotus heart that is very good for health. AnCu Life has a specific article and medicinal properties of lotus, you can refer to the benefits of lotus to health.

How to grow white lotus

Growing white lotus is not difficult and takes a lot of care as many people imagine. You can grow from seeds or with seedlings in pots.

Step 1: You choose good seeds, with brown or glossy black skin to have a high germination rate. It is best to choose newly harvested seeds, do not choose seeds that are too old or have been dried, it will be difficult to germinate.


Step 2: Proceed to cut a small hole at the top of the seed, then grind the cut head until the lotus seed exposes the inner flesh so that the seed is easy to germinate and sprout.


Step 3: Soak the seeds in a bowl of warm water (about 16 – 30 degrees Celsius) to cover the seeds, change the water twice a day.


Step 4: When the sprouts come out completely, you cut off the shell, leaving 1/2 of the seed, paying attention to avoid breaking the sprout. Then you continue to soak the water until the sprout becomes a seedling.


Step 5: When the seedling is about 10-15 cm tall, you transfer the young plant to the prepared pot. The land for growing white lotus is fleshy soil. The pot consists of soil about 50% of the height of the pot and water.


Taking care of a blooming white lotus plant is not as difficult as many of you imagine. Potted plants need to be placed in a place with warm, sunny but not too harsh, shining directly on the plant. If the plant is placed in a place with good light, good photosynthesis, after about 2 months, the plant will grow strongly and grow to more than 30 cm tall, blooming beautifully.

You need to add NPK fertilizer to provide nutrients for the plant about 1 week after the seedlings are potted.

For potted white lotus, you must add water daily by lightly pouring water into the pot, not letting water stand on the surface of the leaves. In addition, you can add a few tops of dogtail or aquatic plants to live with the beautiful lotus and filter the water.


When planting, if you see that the leaves are deep, you must kill them immediately, if the leaves are withered, they must be cut off, if the leaves are small and yellow, you must add a small amount of fertilizer and then add it to the water.

Beautifully blooming lotus flowers both create a landscape and help us relax after a tiring working day and also give off a fragrant scent.

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