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How many grams of meat should you eat per day?

A 20-year-old female in normal physical condition should consume about 170 to 210 grams of fish meat per day.

The amount of protein (protein) needed by each person depends on age, sex, physiology, pregnancy, lactation, disease and level, labor. The amount of protein a person needs to supplement from 1.1 to 1.3 g per kg of body weight a day, of which animal protein should only account for 50% of the total protein requirement. This level is equal to 13-20% of daily energy needs (calories).

There are two main sources of protein: plant protein and animal protein. Plant proteins include legumes such as soybeans, mung beans, black beans…, bean products such as bean sprouts, tofu; oats, nuts such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dark green vegetables… Animal protein includes meats (pork, beef, chicken, duck), fish, eggs, seafood, shrimp and crab. ..

However, when it comes to protein, we often immediately think of meat, fish, and animal protein.

“The maximum animal protein should only account for 50% of the whole day’s protein,” said the nutritionist.

For example, a woman 20 years old, 1.6m tall, weighs 56 kg, has normal health conditions, is not pregnant or lactating, has no disease, the protein intake is calculated with the formula: 56 x (1, 1-1,3) or about 63 g – 73 g. On average, you need about 68 grams of protein per day.

In which, animal protein accounts for 50%, ie 34g of animal protein is needed. To get 10g of animal protein, you need to consume 50g of meat. So this person will need about 170 – 210 g of fish meat per day.

The amount of food from animal or vegetable protein should be replaced in the same group, not different groups. For example, in the animal protein group, instead of eating 50 g of meat, it can be replaced with 60 g of eggs, ie 1 large industrial egg, 2 chicken eggs. Or you can replace it with 50g of scad, about 1 small fish, or 55g of shrimp, the size of 4 medium shrimp, 55g of snakehead, equivalent to 1 slice of medium fish.

“If you eat too much animal protein, it will easily lead to gout, uric acid deposits cause joint and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the fatty acids in excess melon form fat, causing obesity and osteoporosis. If you eat too little animal protein, it will cause a weakening of the immune system, malnutrition, and insufficient nutrients, especially for teenagers,” the doctor said.

Each person should eat a variety of foods with 4 groups of carbohydrates, protein (animal protein, vegetable protein), fat, vitamins and minerals.

“Every week should eat at least 3 fish meals and should add tofu in each meal to diversify protein sources,” the doctor recommended.

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