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How do pregnant women exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise is extremely important during pregnancy. Gentle, regular and appropriate exercise can help pregnant women ease labor, reduce labor pain, reduce symptoms of morning sickness, prevent diabetes and gestational hypertension, and help give birth to a healthy baby.

1. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

1. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

When exercising, the body secretes endorphins that bring a feeling of euphoria, helping pregnant women feel happy, full of energy, overcome anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

  • Improve circulation, strengthen muscles, help the body endure better, give birth easier.
  • Helps to gain weight reasonably, control fetal weight well, and recover body shape and health soon after birth.
  • Relieve uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy such as back pain, constipation, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Release excess energy, help sleep deeper and better.
  • Exercise helps increase the amount of oxygen put into the fetal blood, increases the baby’s metabolism, helps the baby develop better.
  • The endorphins that bring a feeling of excitement to the pregnant mother also cross the placenta to the baby, helping the baby relax and feel refreshed.

2. Safe sports during pregnancy

Swimming is an ideal sport for pregnant women, because the movement is gentle but affects all muscles, helping to tone muscles and increase body endurance. Swimming also helps promote cardiovascular health, improving the circulatory system. When swimming, the water supports the entire body weight, making pregnant women feel light and comfortable.

Walking is considered the best cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. It is easy to practice, can take place anywhere, like while shopping at the supermarket, walking around the office, or walking in the park near home. You need to equip yourself with a comfortable pair of walking shoes, choose flat, easy-to-walk paths, and don’t forget to drink water before, during and after walking, to avoid dehydration.

Prenatal yoga with exercises specially designed for pregnant women is also suitable for you. It helps increase the body’s flexibility, supports breathing and increases the tolerance of pregnant women during childbirth.

3. Some notes when exercising for pregnant women

  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and comfortable maternity bras.
  • Choose the right shoes that are designed to support the exercise you’re doing. This helps you avoid injury.
  • Should practice on a flat surface, ensure balance to avoid injury.
  • Eat the last time at least 1 hour before exercising, to avoid stomach upset.
  • Should stand up slowly and slowly to avoid dizziness.
  • Never exercise to the point of fatigue. You can talk normally during exercise. In particular, do not exert yourself too much, so practice gently and slowly.

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