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Houttuynia cordata Thunb – The uses of heartleaf – fish mint, fish herb, or lizardtail

Heartleaf is also known as fish mint, fish herb, or lizardtail. Heartleaf is a bit fishy and has an unpleasant smell but is considered one of the great herbal leaves.

1. Heartleaf – herbal leaves with medicinal uses

Heartleaf is a type of herbaceous plant, also known as fish mint, fish herb, or lizardtail. Stems are erect, perennial, prefer moist places with small roots often growing at the nodes on the rhizome and rhizomes often growing underground.

Heartleaf leaves are alternate, heart-shaped and pointed at the tip. The flowers are small, pale yellow, but have no outer perianth. The whole body of the heartleaf plant has a fishy smell, which is unpleasant to some people who are not used to the smell.

  • Scientific name of heartleaf: Houttuynia cordata Thunb.
  • According to Oriental medicine research, heartleaf is cold, sour, spicy and has a fishy smell.
1. Heartleaf - herbal leaves with medicinal uses

Uses of heartleaf

Some very notable uses of heartleaf such as:

  • Making herbal antibiotics: because heartleaf contains decanoyl-acetaldehyde, which has antibiotic properties, according to medical research. This substance has antibacterial effects, such as inhibiting streptococci, pneumococcus, yellow cocci, e. coli,.
  • Cure gynaecological diseases and promote reproductive health: Folate and B vitamins in heartleaf help women avoid gynaecological diseases, limit infertility and regulate menstruation. In addition, nutrients in heartleaf have the ability to stimulate blood transport to the penis to support the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Cure diseases related to digestion: such as quercitrin, a diuretic, dioxy-flavonon, beneficial for hemorrhoids, etc.

In addition, heartleaf has many other uses such as strengthening capillary walls, filtering blood, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, clearing heat, curing fever (in children), breast pain due to clogged milk (in women)., boils (inflammation), ….

1. Heartleaf - herbal leaves with medicinal uses

2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Heartleaf is beneficial to users’ health, so after synthesizing it from reputable sources, Ancu Life will introduce you to some remedies from this herbal leaf as follows:

Antipyretic (in children)

Children are very susceptible to colds and fevers, due to the changing weather as well as their living habits. In addition to using western medicine, many parents also choose oriental medicine methods and folk tips when using heartleaf to cure fever in children.

How to use heartleaf to reduce fever:

  • Use 30 grams of heartleaf (fresh), wash, pound and boil in a pot. Then, remove the residue, let the water cool and then give it to the child to drink. The vegetable residue can be applied to the temples of the child to help reduce fever.
  • Or, take 15 grams of heartleaf + 12 grams of tea leaves (small type), wash, cook drinking water. Maintain 2 times a day after meals, you will see signs of fever.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Help cure hemorrhoids

Because heartleaf has welding properties, it is used to clear heat, reduce inflammation, kill and detoxify. At the same time, the essential oil in heartleaf is also good for reducing swelling and anti-inflammatory. Perhaps that is why heartleaf will help people with hemorrhoids.

How to use:

Use 50 grams of fresh heartleaf, cook with water, then steam and soak – wash when the water is still warm. At the same time, apply the residue to the anal area for about 5 minutes.

In addition, eat heartleaf raw like eating other common vegetables in a meal.

2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Helps treat constipation, indigestion

Due to the daily diet and depending on the location of each person, they experience constipation and indigestion. If not treated in time, this condition will lead to hemorrhoids.

How to use:

  • Use 30 grams of heartleaf, wash, dry in a pot, then add water to boil. Let cool, or drink while still warm.
  • Or, use 10 grams of heartleaf, star dry in a pan, steep with water for about 10 minutes, drink tea every day for 10 days to see the results.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Treat irregular menstruation

Because of life habits and each person’s physical condition, many women experience irregular menstruation.

How to use:

  • Take 40 grams of heartleaf, washed + 30 grams of wormwood, washed. Crush, boil, filter and cool to drink during the day. Maintain for 5 days, drink 2 times a day.

Note: Should be taken 10 days before menstruation occurs.

2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Support kidney stone treatment

Heartleaf is beneficial for digestion, so it has the effect of dissolving and pushing small stones outside the kidney very effectively.

How to use:

  • Use 20 grams of heartleaf + 10 grams of ground licorice + 15 grams of spinach. Turn the mixture into medicine. Drink daily and maintain continuously for 1 month.
  • Or use 100 grams of heartleaf, wash, star yellow on the pan, then bring it to boil with boiling water for 20 minutes, drink this water instead of tea every day. Maintain for 1-2 months.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Cure cough

In addition to the antibiotic decanoyl-acetaldehyde, heartleaf contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and several precursors (lauryl acids and N-methyl ketones), which are ingredients used to make pain relievers. Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and treating colds and flu. So heartleaf has an effective cough treatment.

How to use:

  • Take 100 grams of heartleaf, wash, grind and bring to boil with rice water and boiling water. Filter, drink water and maybe add a little salt to taste when drinking. Maintain use 2 times a day after meals.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Anti-acne, anti-aging

Besides many substances with anti-inflammatory effects, the essential oil in heartleaf also has significant benefits in preventing acne, anti-aging and treating inflammatory acne.

How to use:

  • Use about 10 leaves of heartleaf, wash, pound, then mix with a little salt to use as a mask on the skin. Maintain application about 2-3 times within 1 week, application time from 15-20 minutes.
  • Or, still use the amount of 10 leaves of heartleaf, washed, pounded, and then mixed with 1/2 tablespoon of honey, used as a face mask has the same effect.
  • Or, use about 4 leaves of heartleaf, washed, pounded, and then applied to the boil for 30 minutes while lying down. Maintain for 3 days, the swelling of the boil will be reduced.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

Treat swollen, painful breasts due to milk blockage

Many women, when breastfeeding, encounter a blockage of milk that makes their breasts painful and uncomfortable. Let’s use heartleaf to overcome this situation because it has anti-inflammatory active ingredients and reduces swelling and pain.

How to use:

  • Take 25 grams of heartleaf (dried) + 10 jujubes, decoction with 3 bowls of water so that there is 1 bowl, then divide it into 2 times to drink during the day. Maintain for 3-5 days to see results.
2. Some remedies from heartleaf fish

3. Note when using heartleaf

Although heartleaf is beneficial in terms of user health, you should also note a few issues when using this vegetable to bring about the desired effect:

  • Prefer to choose fresh heartleaf, because the nutrients and active ingredients inside the vegetable will be more than that of the withered or dried heartleaf.
  • Wash and soak with salt water before use, to avoid contamination, parasitic infection (helminths).
  • Depending on the health condition, using folk tips to treat with heartleaf has different effects. You should not overdo it without the permission of the oriental medicine doctor. In case, your health (symptoms) does not improve, you should stop and see a doctor.
  • Maintain a reasonable scientific diet and time to use heartleaf in the process of healing in this folk way.
3. Note when using heartleaf
  • Learn the use of heartleaf before using it to treat and use it for the subject:

For example, heartleaf is beneficial in treating acne and red swollen acne, but not for bran acne and blackheads. In addition, the abuse of heartleaf to apply a mask will make your skin more susceptible to sunlight, easy to tan as well as easy to attack bacteria on the skin.

Or use heartleaf to treat cough for children, should ask a doctor carefully when using for children under 6 months old. At the same time, there are also other strange signs (such as broken stools, sputum coming out, …) which are very normal symptoms when using the tips of heartleaf to treat cough.

3. Note when using heartleaf

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