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Herbal remedy to reduce cough and fever

Ginger lemonade, honey lemon basil, perilla egg porridge … use familiar herbal spices to help increase resistance, reduce cough and fever.

To increase the body’s resistance and help prevent disease during the pandemic, you should maintain a nutritious lifestyle. Comply with social distancing regulations, ensure harmony between work and rest, and maintain personal hygiene and living environment habits. Ensure a scientific, hygienic diet, combine age-appropriate sports exercises at home, always keep an optimistic spirit, avoid panic and anxiety. Get vaccinated as soon as possible to prevent disease.

In addition, people can use water from herbs with appropriate dosage. For example, use a mixture of lemon with warm ginger in the ratio of 1/2 lemon and three slices of ginger, plus a little honey if available, mixed in 200ml of warm water and drink during the day.

“However, it is not recommended to drink water instead of water, just half a lemon a day is enough vitamin C,” the doctor emphasized. Besides, some types of water such as lemongrass juice, psyllium gotu kola, sugarcane, squash juice, and passion fruit juice are also very good for health, helping to sleep well.

To relieve cough symptoms, patients can use 200 g of lemon basil (thick leaves) washed, squeezed to extract water. Then mix this water with 100ml of warm water and a tablespoon of honey, distilled in water, divided and drink 3-4 times a day, helping to loosen phlegm and reduce cough. Or use a lemon, 10-12 slices of fresh ginger pureed to get water, a tablespoon of honey, little salt, mix 100 ml of water divided into several times to drink. However, do not leave it for too long to avoid bitter taste.

In addition, in daily food, if there is white radish, you can use one root with 100 g of fresh ginger, 50ml of honey cooked with two liters of water. Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth after eating at night before going to bed.

In case of mild fever, the patient can be steamed with leaves or peels of grapefruit, lemongrass, ginger, melaleuca, eucalyptus … Combine with cold porridge including rice, eggs, perilla leaves, ginger, pepper and Eat while the porridge is hot. Heat water containing medicinal herbs such as chrysanthemum, plantain, marjoram, perilla, and ginger to drink. Regularly cool down the body.

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