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Health benefits of grapefruit flowers – pomelo flowers – you may not know

In Vietnam, everyone knows that pomelo flowers or grapefruit flowers are very fragrant, March of the calendar is the time when pomelo flowers are in full bloom. However, not everyone knows the health benefits of pomelo flowers and pomelo flowers, besides being used for decoration, are also used to marinate tea, cook tea or use to beautify women and especially. good for health.

In March, pomelo flowers bloom, the scent of grapefruit flowers appears on every street. Grapefruit flowers are known as folk gifts. Grapefruit flowers are not only beautiful but also have many health benefits. Learn the uses of grapefruit flowers:

1. The Health Benefits of Pomelo Flowers in Oriental Medicine

In Oriental Medicine, the health benefits of pomelo flowers are not well known. Grapefruit flowers are used in many oriental medicine. Because grapefruit flowers contain a lot of essential oils, so this flower not only brings a pleasant fragrance but also has the effect of relieving colds, drinking alcohol and treating stomach pain effectively.

grapefruit flowers

Not only that, pomelo flower also works to relieve headaches caused by fatigue, the scent of pomelo flower helps relieve stress, anxiety and helps improve mental health for people.

Health benefits from pomelo flowers not only affect the health and spiritual life of people. Therefore, in March of the pomelo flower season, you should take advantage of this flower. Some remedies that work to treat diseases from pomelo flowers are shared as follows:

– Treatment of hiccups, yawns and gas stagnation: Take 12g of pomelo flower, make tea, then add 1 teaspoon of rock sugar and use it as drinking water during the day, effective in curing hiccups and fast yawns. fast.

– Cure full, stomachache with grapefruit flowers as follows: Boil grapefruit flowers, then add alum sugar and drink to cure stomachache. Meanwhile, when boiling grapefruit flowers and tea and drinking during the day, it works in treating bloating.

grapefruit flowers

– If you have constipation or cough with phlegm, use 12g of grapefruit flower, 3 bowls of bean flower and half a teaspoon of ginger juice with 3 teaspoons of rock sugar, then boil the grapefruit flower, filter the water to remove the residue before adding ginger, sugar and flowers Bring the beans to a boil, then turn off the heat. When eaten, both water and fruit are effective in treating constipation and productive cough.

– Circulate blood and cure stomach pain from pomelo flowers, you can use pomelo flowers 10g, alum sugar 2 small spoons, 400ml water and boil grapefruit flowers for 5 minutes. After that, you need to add rock sugar and use this boiled grapefruit juice to drink during the day to be effective in helping blood circulation and reducing stomach pain effectively.

– Effective cold relief, grapefruit flower has antiseptic properties useful for people with colds or flu and has an effective respiratory support effect. In particular, the humid, erratic weather in March is easy to make you have headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Steaming with grapefruit flowers every weekend will help you stay healthy.

2. Grapefruit flowers help beautiful skin, smooth hair

As is known, grapefruit flower, in addition to being used as medicine, also has many effects in beauty, skin care and hair care for women. Because, in grapefruit flower contains a lot of components such as: Pectin, naringin, digestive enzymes peroxydase and amylase, vitamins A, C, … in particular, flavonoid components with high content have good antioxidant effects, Helps to keep skin supple, smooth and healthy.

– Grapefruit flower is used to beautify the skin by:

Take 400g of pomelo flowers and wash them, then boil with 1 liter of water for about 5 minutes. Bring the pot of pomelo flowers that have just been boiled to steam, grapefruit flowers have the effect of helping to wash away dirt, and are effective in eliminating toxins.

To have smooth glowing skin, you can do it twice a week with a steam bath with grapefruit flowers.

In addition, after washing your face, you can soak a few drops of grapefruit essential oil on a cotton pad, then apply it to your face and neck and pat the nutrients into the skin. Grapefruit essential oil can be used regularly twice a day to effectively moisturize the skin, leaving it lightly scented and soft.

grapefruit flowers

– Hair care with grapefruit flower:

Grapefruit flowers, in addition to the health benefits, are also used for effective hair care by boiling water and dropping grapefruit flowers to cook for about 5 minutes to release all the essential oils from grapefruit flowers. Then decant the water and wash your hair instead of shampoo.

Next, you just need to rinse with water and then dry your hair naturally, do 2 to 3 shampoos with pomelo flowers per week to help your hair grow stronger and smoother.

grapefruit flowers

3. Processing grapefruit blossom into dishes

Grapefruit flowers can also be used to make a few familiar dishes:

– Grapefruit flowers marinated in romantic tea have the effect of helping to clear the mind, relax and also have a beautiful effect on the skin.

– Sugarcane marinated with pomelo flowers is applied in a simple way, cut a small piece of sugar cane, then put it in a plastic bag and put a few pomelo flowers and tie it up, grapefruit flavor has blended into each piece of sugarcane, grapefruit flavor and sweetness of sugarcane can be found. Good sensory stimulation.

– Tapioca marinated with pomelo flowers is good for health and chosen by many people in the summer.

– Tea and tofu with pomelo flower, this is a favorite snack of many people.

Essentially, grapefruit flowers are fragrant, non-toxic, so it is suitable for use by most people. However, if you smell grapefruit flowers and have unpleasant problems, allergies, you need to quickly stop and visit a doctor. Because, depending on the location of each person, there are also a few people who do not like grapefruit flavor should not use this flower.

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