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Culantro brings amazing health benefits

Culantro with the scientific name Eryngium foetidum is a vegetable that often appears in oriental meals, not only because of its taste but also because of its medicinal properties. According to traditional medicine, Culantro has a slightly bitter, aromatic, and warm taste, has the preliminary effect of clearing heat, saving spleen, emphysema, and pain relief.

Here are some remedies for the smell of culantro:

Cure colds and flu: 40g culantro, 3 slices fresh ginger, wormwood and chrysanthemum frequency 20g each. Wash, cut into small pieces, crushed ginger. All put into the kettle with 500ml of water, until it is 100ml, pour it out, drink it hot, twice a day. After drinking, lie in a warm blanket to sweat, then dry your body.


Cure colds: 10g dried Culantro, 6g ground licorice. Wash and pour into a kettle with 300ml of water, boil for about 15 minutes, then divide into 3 times, drink during the day.

Or you can take 20g of Culantro, washed, cut into pieces, 30g of minced beef, a few slices of fresh ginger. Bring to boil with 400ml of water. This dish is served hot. When serving, add a little pepper.

Treat mild fever: 30g of Culantro, 50g of finely chopped beef cooked with 600ml of water and a few slices of fresh ginger, then add a little pepper, eat hot After eating, you must cover yourself with a tight blanket to sweat to reduce the fever.


Culantro helps to loosen phlegm: When flu, runny nose, phlegm often stagnates in the respiratory tract, causing difficulty breathing and discomfort for the patient. Use decoction of culantro to drink water to expel the sputum remaining in the throat.

Culantro conjunctivitis treatment: Conjunctivitis causes the patient to feel burning and painful. The remedy from Culantro helps to lose this feeling quickly. Take the fresh scent of the ship and let it dry in the cool, then take it out to get water. Use this water to wash your eyes with conjunctivitis.

Culantro lowers blood cholesterol: The smell of culantro has the ability to effectively lower blood cholesterol. People with high blood pressure, blood fat, just boil a pinch of dried culantro seeds in water and filter it to drink. Wait for the water to cool, then drink it to help lower cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this remedy is diuretic and good for the kidneys.

Skin pigmentation remedy: A handful of fresh culantro. Crush the ingredients and soak them in warm water for 2 hours. Filter out the residue and use water to apply evenly on the face continuously for about 15-20 minutes. Apply twice a day in the morning and at bedtime.


Treatment of red, itchy acne for children: Need 1 handful of fresh culantro. Culantro is crushed and pressed to extract the juice and apply directly to the skin to be treated. Pay attention to the reaction on the baby’s skin, if there is irritation, immediately wash it off.

Cure bad breath: Take 1 handful of Culantro, wash it thoroughly, add a few grains of salt, stir to dissolve, use to suck and gargle several times a day. After about 5-6 days, the mouth will be less bad.

Treatment of kidney stones from culantro leaves: Using culantro to treat kidney stones can remove stones from the body very effectively without surgery. It is widely used in folklore and is very safe. Leaves of Culantro bring to the fire to wilt, Put culantro leaves in a kettle, pour 3 bowls of decoction when there is 1 bowl left, then turn off the stove. Divide the bowl of water into 3 servings and drink 3 times a day. Drinking before meals is best. Pay attention to using this remedy continuously, for men take 7 days, for women take 9 days. After drinking Culantro leaves, large stones will be excreted through urination, while small stones will dissolve on their own.

Culantro can treat tongue sores: The problem of tongue sores will make you uncomfortable while eating. Take culantro and lemon basil leaves and soak them in salt water and then wash them. Then chew these two leaves thoroughly and swallow slowly. The problem of tongue sores will be limited.


Cure flatulence, bloated stomach due to eating a lot of protein: 50g culantro, 3 slices of fresh ginger smashed. All wash well with 500ml of water, until there is 200ml left, divided into 2 times, drink hot, 3 hours apart each time. Use for 3 days.

Treatment of dysentery: Gold star 1 handful of culantro seeds, then finely ground and mixed with drink, twice a day, 7-8g each time.

Treat abdominal pain, diarrhea: 20g of fresh Culantro with a few lemongrass bulbs, a few perilla leaves, drink water during the day.

Note: According to the experience of the ancients, pregnant women should avoid eating cilantro. People with stomach disease should grind or cook water to drink better than eating fresh leaves, especially old leaves. The essential oils found in culantro leaves and seeds are irritating to the skin, so people who come into frequent contact with culantro leaves and seeds should wear gloves when handling them. Limit the use of culantro for patients with bronchial asthma or chronic pneumonia.

Therefore, in order for the above remedies to be effective, suitable for each person’s condition, the patient needs to be prescribed a pulse at a reputable medical facility.

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