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Benefits of jogging before bed

Running at night before bedtime helps to reduce stress and fatigue, good digestion, good sleep and is suitable for busy people.

Reduce stress and fatigue

Science proves, physical activity causes the body to release Endorphin hormones (also known as happy hormones) to help our spirits be more comfortable. After stressful working hours, jogging is a way to help relax the mind. Runner can invite relatives and friends to run together to chat and forget about daily work pressure.

Walking and jogging at night puts the body to sleep more easily, but it must be at least an hour before bed. Evening exercise time is also the time when each person can let both body and mind relax the most – a measure to reduce stress caused by work and daily life.

Suitable for busy people

Getting up early to practice with many people is a difficult problem because of the busy work schedule and family problems. It’s not difficult to meet people who can only maintain one to three early morning runs per week. For newbies, this reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.

Therefore, running at night is a relatively suitable solution for busy people. Runner is not busy with getting up early in the morning and has more conditions to maintain a daily exercise schedule. Usually, after 9pm is the time each person has for themselves.

Improve health

Effective weight loss: To change weight properly, it is necessary to have a reasonable exercise and nutrition plan. There’s no denying that eating is important, but exercise contributes at least 50% to weight loss success. It is best to exercise at least 30 minutes before entering the evening meal. At the same time, to achieve effective weight loss or change the proper diet, follow the advice of a nutritionist and sports expert.

Enhance muscle development: if you want to develop muscles, you can perform exercises with high intensity. Jogging in the park or exercising at home on a treadmill are both effective. If exercising indoors, adjust the incline of the conveyor belt for exercises with different inclines. For outdoor exercise, try different terrains.

Improve physique: jogging exercises in the evening will help you improve your physique effectively. Because you can lose weight, make your body more attractive. And the process of running can also help to slim the legs. Running properly does not make your legs as big as women think, as long as you do it correctly, you will get the same high efficiency as in the above article.

Tips for running at night

Do not eat too full before exercise, so it makes the body heavy, not effective, but also should not let the stomach go hungry. 30 minutes before jogging, runners should have a light meal depending on the condition such as bread, cup of coffee or a smoothie. This ensures that the body still has enough energy to exercise.

Evening running also needs to be chosen properly, suitable for physical fitness to get high efficiency. Do not exercise too much, easily lead to fatigue. Don’t think that only running exercises will give you high results. Alternate walking and jogging exercises to prolong the training session. As a result, the body has time to recover strength during exercise.

Before starting, should warm up the body, warm up the muscles, joints, can avoid unnecessary injuries.

Training clothes should not be tight on the body, but also not too loose to limit activity. Do not wear too fashionable clothes to go to practice, making the runner feel entangled. Dressing for the right weather is also necessary to protect health.

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