6 tips to help fry without splattering with grease

Oil splashing out during frying can make the cook feel extremely uncomfortable, scared, and possibly even burned. Here are 6 tips to “say no to grease splashes” to make frying food simpler and safer that everyone must know!

1. Use a deep non-stick pan

Non-stick deep pan with concave design, suitable for processing deep-fried dishes, helping you to flip food more easily, as well as save oil and still be able to fry Submerge the food to ensure the crispiness of the dish.

When using a pan with a minimum height of 5cm, it will limit the situation of grease splashing out.

fry without splattering

2. Food should be drained before frying

This is the basic rule for safe frying that you need to know. Because water and cooking oil are inherently insoluble, and when water is added to boiling oil, there will be a temperature difference, so the cooking oil will be splashed out, which is very dangerous and easy to burn.

Therefore, before frying a food, it is necessary to drain the water, or use a paper towel to dry the food before frying. Especially for frozen food, you need to defrost it first by putting it in the microwave or oven and patting it dry before putting it in the frying pan.

fry without splattering

3. Heat the oil pan and add a little salt before frying

Before performing safe frying, preheat a pre-oiled non-stick pan by turning on high heat. After about 30s – 45s, sprinkle a little salt (about 1/4 teaspoon) and then reduce the heat to low and slowly drop the fried pieces in.

Salt not only eliminates toxins in the oil, but also significantly reduces the amount of oil splashing out.

fry without splattering

4. Great way to use lemon to rub the bottom of the pan

This is a simple tip to minimize the grease splashing out. Rub a thin slice of lemon into the bottom of the pan before adding the grease.

fry without splattering

5. Scrub the bottom of the pan with ginger

Ginger is also a basic spice often found in every kitchen. You put a few slices of ginger (peeled and thinly sliced ​​into small pieces) rubbing on the surface of the pan (at this time the pan has been heated on the stove). You can use chopsticks to gently press and rub all over the bottom of the pan (about 1-2 minutes), then remove all the ginger and then put the oil in the pan and fry as usual.

fry without splattering

6. Use an oil screen instead of the pan lid

This is a specialized oil screen, made up of air holes evenly distributed on the screen. This screen will not seal the air like when using a normal pan lid, so there is no fear of water stagnation on the lid of the pan, but also helps the fried food to have a much better crispy taste.

fry without splattering

With the above 6 simple frying techniques that do not shoot grease, you will no longer have to worry and “obsess” every time you go to the kitchen. Wish you all good and safe cooking every day!

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  1. My wife wants to get a new splashback this weekend, but I am worried that it will get ruined by grease when we fry food. It stood out to me when you mentioned that a specialized oil screen can help you prevent grease splashes. My wife and I will have to invest in an oil screen that we can use on our pans so that we don’t ruin the new splashback once it gets installed.

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