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3 misconceptions of parents that make children overweight and obese

Fat will be healthy, less sick or grow fast… are the misconceptions of many parents. Nutrition experts have pointed out the three most harmful misconceptions of parents about overweight and obesity in children.

Fat children will be healthy, less sick

Overweight and obesity is a process that takes place over a long period of time, over many months, even years, and adversely affects the body. However, the body will try to adjust and adapt, so the harmful effects of the disease are difficult to see in the adolescent stage.

Illnesses tend to be more severe in overweight and obese children than in normal weight children. With diarrhea, pneumonia or infectious diseases, in obese children, the disease is more likely to progress, children recover more slowly, need longer and more expensive treatment.

Children who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of becoming obese as adults. Obesity in adulthood can lead to metabolic, chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, fatty liver, fatty blood, disorders musculoskeletal… “In the long run, the sequelae of obesity have the risk of reducing the life expectancy of children into adulthood”, Dr. Khanh worries.

Overweight children develop better height

The concept of “fat children will grow taller” or “Let children become overweight, increase height when they grow up” is completely wrong and needs to be changed. Not all children who are fat when they are small will be tall when they grow up. Even obesity can slow down the growth of children. A typical harmful effect of being overweight that is often overlooked by parents is calcium deficiency. Lack of calcium will cause leg pain, bone pain, and slow growth. Overweight girls have an increased risk of precocious puberty.

In addition, being overweight for a long time will make children passive in activities, study and exercise, affecting the comprehensive development of children. Both boys and girls aged 8 and up have begun to become aware of body shapes. Children who are overweight or obese are prone to low self-esteem and guilt when comparing their bodies with peers. If unfortunately teased, from both friends and adults, children are at risk of developing depression, which has long-term effects on mental health.

If you don’t eat fast food, you won’t be overweight

Fried, greasy fast foods such as sausages, fried chicken, french fries… and industrial soft drinks are the favorite foods of many children, especially overweight children. However, this is just one of many factors that cause overweight and obesity. Many children who eat little or no fast food can still be obese. “Children eat and take in more energy than necessary is the key to overweight and obesity.”

overweight and obese

Poor nutrition, such as less green vegetables, fruits, low fiber, vitamins and minerals, but a lot of meat, fat, protein, starch… and forcing children to eat more than they want. and real demand will cause an excess of energy. With the lack of exercise for a long time, the energy that is not expended will accumulate into fat, children easily gain weight and become obese.

Experts recommend that parents should soon change their views and perceptions about children’s weight. Absolutely do not subjectively make overweight progress to disease. Parents need to take measures to prevent obesity right from the first years of life, to help children develop healthier and more comprehensive.

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